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Creating, activating and sustaining new recovery and resilience programs.

resilience logo smallAs our field moves rapidly into a future with new structures, new technologies, new payment methods and new partnerships, an organization that is agile, flexible, responsive and welcomes the risks inherent with innovation will not only grow, but will thrive. Using our DCAS framework; Discover, Create, Active, and Sustain, Resilience will use the strengths of your organization to develop successful strategies to create and implement innovative recovery and resilience programming. Using our extensive experience we will work side by side with your team to create a sustainable program with measurable outcomes. Some examples include:

Solution….Emergency Department Alternatives:

    • The Living Room, a crisis diversion peer supported program offering brief 24 hour hospitality where those served are guests and can hear the message of hope and recovery from a peer who has been there.
    • Recovery Response Centers that serve as the “front door” to the service system receiving law enforcement and involuntary referrals and include 23 hour and Living Room overnight hospitality. Click here to learn more


    • Creating an environment that embraces a No Force First resilience approach to the use of restrictive interventions. Supporting guests through challenges focusing on the use of face to face engagement and maximizing the person’s strengths to share risk and increase safety. This creates an opportunity for the person to fully contribute as part of the support team and build resilience. The goal is to eliminate force (restrictive interventions) including the use of physical restraints, chemical restraints, seclusion and emergency forced medication.


    • It is an unfortunate fact that an individual with mental health challenges is likely to have a shorter life span as a result of an untreated and preventable chronic illness – like hypertension, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease. Often a person will only receive services for the immediate mental health issue. This approach can have limited success because it does not include the person’s physical health needs to create a path for whole person wellness.  Creating a program that integrates behavioral healthcare and physical healthcare results in improved health outcomes.

        Additional Solutions:

    • Peer-run programs including peer support during the transition from hospitalization to community living.  Click here for best practice outcomes
    • Recovery Education and Recovery Colleges where those who have been known to us only in the role of patients can become students and obtain the knowledge and skills for resilient community living.
    • Resilience building programs of supported housing using a housing first approach and supported employment both using a peer support model.

Our services include all aspects of implementation.

    • Innovative program design that incorporates recovery and resilience principles and practices; a welcoming and friendly spirit of hospitality, strengths-based and self-directed, no-force-first, risk-sharing, recovery education, and a blended professional and peer staff. Our Learning Team experts will design and deliver a learning curriculum that is inspiring, interactive, and meets the unique needs of your organization.
    • Evidence Based Facility Design incorporates the concepts of “healing spaces.” Open spaces, lots of light, soothing colors, art, plants and comfortable furnishings combine to create a healing environment. Our experienced consulting architect will work with your facility design team.
    • Program Activation with policies and procedures that build a bridge between your innovation and the language of regulators to obtain licensing, certification, and accreditation. Our Quality Support team has the expertise to review your existing policies or create new policies in collaboration with your leadership.
    • To Imbed and Sustain the innovation, after your new program startup, the Resilience operations team is available to work on site alongside your leadership and staff to mentor and ensure that the new program achieves high quality performance and reaches your recovery and resilience goals.

Contact Resilience  to Rise and Shine by building the resilience within your organization to thrive in tomorrow’s dynamic healthcare environment that is filled with hope and opportunity.