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a professional consulting and training group

  Our mission is
“to create new ways to optimize individual and organizational resilience and wellness.”

Resilience, Inc. offers innovative solutions to today’s pressing behavioral health issues:
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Redirect individuals from hospital Emergency Departments to recovery-based crisis alternatives.

Reduce forced treatment and hospitalizations with no-force-first practices.

Create blended work teams of Peer and Professional staff

Integration of physical and behavioral healthcare.

Building a resilient organization to thrive in a changing world

At Resilience, Inc. we are discovering the next steps toward transformation on the evolutionary ladder of recovery and wellness. The skills and knowledge gained over the past 20 years have allowed the field to make dramatic shifts in the approaches taken to facilitate recovery from emotional distress, addiction and hard times.

The challenge now is to create a new pathway toward resilient community living.  By building on the “Aha!” moment of recovery we can create a lifetime of self-sustaining and resilient living. This is a challenge, but based on the faith it took to believe in the miracle of recovery, we trust the human spirit to be resilient.

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