Two Day On-Site Exploration

 A Comprehensive and Inspiring On-Site Review led by the Resilience Team

This is a two day Welcome to Resilience Exploration where the Resilience Team will get to know your organization during an on-site visit.cropped-cropped-resilience-logo-small1.jpg

As a result of the two day exploration, Resilience will provide a concrete list of Resilience Implementation Recommendations to optimize organizational resilience and wellness.

During the two days, the Resilience Team, in collaboration with your organization, will participate in the following:

  • Welcome get-together: This is an opportunity for Resilience Inc. to get to know the key members of your organization’s team face to face and learn more about your operations and strengths.
  • Walk-through visits to your organization’s facilities/office locations.
  • Observation of your organization’s active programs.
  • The Resilience Team will meet with leaders from each department (coordinated with your organization prior to the On-Site Exploration) to explore current operations and systems from the perspective of recovery and resilience, including:
    • Administration/Leadership Team.
    • Program/Department Supervisors.
    • Human Resources.
    • Quality Management.
    • Information Technology.
    • Staff Development and Learning.
    • Funding and reimbursement methodology.
  • Closing Celebration.

Contact Resilience  to Rise and Shine by building the resilience within your organization to thrive in tomorrow’s dynamic healthcare environment that is filled with hope and opportunity.