What We Have Been Doing

Enjoy reading an overview of the recent Resilience projects. If you have any questions or would like to additional details on our involvement with the projects, please feel free to call us at 530-362-7070. Also, for those projects that are still active – check back again soon for updates!!

Washington State

Optum Healthcare. This project was an exciting opportunity to work with the Optum leadership and staff in Washington State, as well as staff from the Evaluation and Treatment Centers (an involuntary inpatient facility) in the Tacoma area. The project started with the Resilience Team supporting the Optum staff with a full day of getting up to speed on the latest in recovery and resilience principles. The Resilience Team then had the opportunity to tour each of the Evaluation and Treatment Centers (E & T’s) and meet with leaders and staff to review the newest principles that promote recovery and resilience. Each E & T developed a Resilience Action Plan to put the resilience principles into action. Subsequent video conference meetings were held with each E & T to provide additional support during the implementation phase of their Resilience Action Plans. The Resilience Team was truly amazed at the progress the E & T’s made in a short period of time.


United Healthcare Community Plan. Resilience is working with United Healthcare Community Plan in Tennessee to provide support and training for the implementation of a new residential crisis alternative.  With Resilience participating in the RFI evaluation process, an organization has been selected to develop a peer-supported Living Room that includes an integrated primary care service.  The goal is to avoid and divert from hospitals and emergency departments and connect guests to a health home.  The State of Tennessee and TennCare are on board considering this a pilot project that will demonstrate the power of peer support and can be replicated throughout Tennessee. Check back soon for more updates on this project!!


Upper Chesapeake Health System. Resilience is supporting a project that is underway with the Upper Chesapeake Health System in Maryland.  A new facility will be built to house a 16-bed Crisis Facility to serve as the first peer-supported crisis diversion in the region.  Resilience has played an active part in the building plans that are being developed to create a “healing space” and implement a “no-force-first” program. Ground breaking for the new building is planned before the end of 2016. Check back soon for more updates on this project!!


Cenpatico Regional Behavioral Health Authority of Southern Arizona – Employee Celebration. The Resilience Team supported Cenpatico during a time of rapid unprecedented growth. The Resilience Team provided a daylong action-packed Employee Celebration called “Catch the Spirit and Create the Future….Together We Can Inspire Hope for a Better Life.” The Resilience Team used their creativity and a variety of resilient team building exercises that created an awe-inspiring amount of enthusiasm; wisdom about the organization’s mission, vision and structure; and skills to work effectively as a team. Cenpatico Regional Behavioral Health Authority of Southern Arizona – Grow the PRO Events. The Resilience Team had the opportunity to facilitate a three meeting series to support the Peer Run Organizations (PRO) in the Southern Arizona Region. The three meeting series created an opportunity for the PRO’s and Cenpatico to strengthen their collaboration efforts to support the community and achieve the Cenpatico goal of increasing peer support services by 100%. Through utilizing the Resilience Action Planning process, each PRO was able to identify how they could grow and create innovative peer delivered programming. Cenpatico Regional Behavioral Health Authority of Southern Arizona – PFRO Learn, Lunch and Launch Event. The Resilience Team coordinated and facilitated this action-packed event to support the growth of Peer and Family Run Organizations in the Southern Arizona Region. The goal of this event was to attract individuals and organizations that were interested in starting a Peer and Family Run Organization. The Resilience Team provided technical assistance and information needed to develop a proposal to submit to Cenpatico. The response was overwhelming and resulted in several individuals/organizations connecting with Cenpatico to pursue starting a new PFRO.


BRSS TACS (Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy) 2016 Peer Education Efforts Regarding the Peer Implementation and Support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Resilience has collaborated with iNAPS (International Association of Peer Supporters) for this exciting project targeted to support the state of California. The goals of this project are to create inspiring and relevant materials to train peers to support the people they serve to learn about the ACA and enroll in health insurance. By way of live on-site training and webinars, the Resilience Team will provide organizations within California the strategies and materials to reduce churn (a concept commonly associate with a participant that cycles in and out of health insurance eligibility) and increase health insurance enrollment.   Upon completion of this project, the materials that have been developed will be available on this website. Check back soon for more updates on this project!!

California Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development/Healthcare Workforce Development Division (OSHPD/HWDD) Peer Personnel Placement and Training. Resilience has been awarded a contract with OSHPD/HWDD for this exhilarating program which will start mid-July 2016. The Resilience Team will be closely working with selected community based organizations to conduct outreach to recruit peer employees, provide a vast array of courses and learning opportunities to learn or enhance peer practice knowledge and skills, assist with job placement and provide six months of on-the-job supports. Check back soon for more updates on this project!!


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation – 2016 Recovery Workforce Summit. The Resilience Team had the honor to present three sessions during the 2016 Recovery Workforce Summit that was held in Boston, Massachusetts in May of 2016. The sessions presented by the Resilience Team included:

1) The Bounce Back Factor – Creating a Resilient Workforce. This session answered the questions of how to prepare a workforce to work successfully with peers and how to prepare a peer support workforce to serve successfully in an integrated, whole health environment.

2) Organizational Spirit. This session focused on the importance of organizations having spirit and how to nurture it, grow it, and use it to sustain strength.

3) Resilience Action Planning – Creating Resilient Teams. This session was designed to inspire, prepare, and develop staff to gain new attitudes and skills for serving in the 21st Century of integrated care.


Caregivers Alliance. Members of the Resilience Team traveled to Singapore for a month to support the efforts of training peers, caregivers and staff for the organization – Caregivers Alliance. Some of the training sessions included: Recovery and Family Resilience Principles and Practices, The Resilience Conversation, Preparing to Get the Peer Employment Job, Developing a Working on Wellness Plan, Sustaining Peer Support Competencies, Leadership Training and Adult Learning Dynamics. Resilience also networked with other organizations during their stay, including the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Gene and Lori were also keynote speakers and workshop presenters at the annual national mental health conference, “Mind Matters, Family Matters.” The training and support Resilience brought to Singapore was well received and a future return trip is being planned. Check back soon for more updates on this project!!